KitCakes (or CakeCats) are small short legged cakes, that have been baked with love to create little cat companions. They are very soft to touch and love to eat cookies and food that reflects their own flavor.

(Semi)-Open species by @MWINS

Anatomy of a KitCake


A soft rounded body, made of freshly baked cake or bread.
Its size can range from as small as a cupcake to as big as a wedding cake. The most common one being cupcake and regular cake sizes.
They can be both feral and upright standing.


Due to limited space while baking, they have developed short stubby legs that are connected to the body.
They can only take small step while walking and tend to do jump runs when on a rush.


The kits flavour is based on the cake dough it has been baked with. If the dough was for a chocolate cake, their main flavor would also be chocolate.
By eating their first food, they can get a second flavor that develops on their body.
These toppings have to be edible or your KitCake may get food poisoning, which can be very lethal for its tiny body.


Toppings make up their second flavor.
For example, if they get used to strawberries, by eating enough strawberries they will develop their own strawberry toppings, like sauce and whole fruit.
Whipping cream, sprinkles, chocolate drizzle etc can be added for extra toppings.


Inside the body can be fillings, but they are not necessary.
Fillings consist either of the ingredients they had been baked with (example apple pie with apple filling) or their secondary flavor.
Cream fillings can develop when fed whipping cream.

Creation of a KitCake

Man-made KitCakes

KitCakes are baked the same way as normal cupcakes and cakes, with just some little extra ingredients and a special cake tin.
One would simply mix the cake batter or dough together like one normally would, but have to take great attention and love while mixing.
When the batter or dough is done, fill it into the specially crafted cake tin and have it bake in the oven.
During the baking process, you have to give it your full attention to rise and grow up.
You can watch the batter rise and the ears slowy popping up as it bakes.
Once it is done baking, one can simply take it out of the oven and wait it to cool down before taking out the freshly baked kitten.
The most important step is to also really want to get a KitCake instead of a cake, or else it would end up being a regular cake.

Breeding KitCakes

When KitCakes want to breed, they simply kneed and mix their new batch together.
This can also be done either alone, in couples or in groups.
While creating their dough/batter, their own flavours mix in aswell to create a new mixed batch.
Unlike man-made KitCakes, they can use any type of regular tin.
Once finished baking, a batch of multiple KitCakes can form in a singluar tin with mixed flavours of their parent(s) flavour.

Failed KitCake creations

The same one can mess up baking a cake, one can also mess up baking a KitCake.
There can be multiple outcomes due to multiple reasons
1. Underbaked/Overbaked KitCake
If one either takes out the KitCake too early or too late, it can reduce their lifespan drastically.
It also can make them upset for not being a well baked good.
An underbaked KitCake has a still too soft and partly moist raw batter, which makes them unstable and have a hard time moving around for being wobbly on their paws.
An overbaked and burnt KitCake has a more crusty and hardened body, which makes them too hard to move around freely and very bitter to the taste. Their burnt smell also upsets them highly.
2. Regular Cake
If missing any special ingredients or steps, you may end up with a regular cake!
There is nothing special about the cake, so please enjoy your desert!
Whether the cake has a consciousness or not is unclear, as it can't be tested at all.

Behaviour of a KitCake

The behaviour of a KitCake is similar to that of a regular house cat.
Their favourite spots are tight containers to nap in, such as pots, cake tinf, boxes and glasses.
But also warm spots, so please watch your pots while cooking.
Reason for that is, that it reminds them of the baking process they went through, as it gives them maximum comfort.
They also love attention and compliments of looking sweet and delicious.
Hungry eyes make them happy!
Multiple KitCakes are called a batch!


Their mainly consists of hard baked goods, such as cookies and biscuits and food based on their own flavors.
Other food is not as nourishing as cookies and their own flavoured food.
It is important for them to eat a mix of both, as their body is made of both baked dough/batter and toppings/fillings.
If the baked goods are missing in their diet, their body can crumble and fall appart for being malnourished.
If the flavour food is missing in their diet, they may loose their flavor, which is the pride of a KitCake.
Once they lost their flavour, they can not regain the same or any other flavor back and remain plain and upset.

They are edible!

Cake is made to be eaten, and so do KitCakes want to be eaten aswell, which is why they love to keep up their flavours and take care of their sweet looking appearance!
It makes them happy when they can fullfill their role as cakes and doesn't hurt them at all.
One can decide to either eat just a part like a tail for it to later regrow, or the whole Cake.
To grow back eaten parts, it would also need double the amount of food to regrow it back!
They tend to go and rest in tight warm spaces to recover bits and crumbs.

Eat them before they expire

Like regular food, KitCakes can get old and sick.
Fruits may rot and mold can form. Once mold forms, it's already over for the KitCake as it can't be fully removed.
Sick KitCakes have to be seperated from other Kits and food, to prevent the mold from spreading.
Sorry little ones.

Sub-species and other breeds

Other species KitCakes

While feline cakes are the most common made cakes, there can also be other types of cakes, such as canine, fish, avian, insect and all other types of cakes!


The smaller and rounder variant of KitCakes.
They are basically Cakepops and smaller in size.
Orbs with no limbs.
If fed and taken care enough, they can also grow up into KitCakes!


Similar to KitCakes, this variant is made of dirt and a plant.
They are created by filling a special pot with soil and planting a seed inside of it.
Taking care of the plant and watering it enough will later result into a small SoilCat with a similar build as KitCakes.
Don't forget to regulary water it and give it plant based food or fertilizer to stay well nourished for its plant to live.
They can have mosses, grasses and pebbles as add-ons.
One may get to harvest fruits, when growing fruits on the SoilKit.
The SoilKit will be happy when successfully producing fruits or blooming fully!
Breeding is similiar to that of plants. They just plant the created seeds and take care of their new soilbaby to grow their own little farm or plantage of SoilKittens.

Making your own + Rules


You are free to make as many KitCakes and KitPops of the free variant as you want!
You are allowed to create adopts and sell them.
When creating KitCakes or other related breeds, please leave a credit leading back to this site!

Free and open MYOS

KitCakes are a Semi-Open species!
Meaning, you are allowed to make as many KitCakes as you want for free!
This also includes KitPops!
Open up a whole bakery for these if you wanted to!
Restriction for Free KitCakes and KitPops:
They have to follow the general anatomy sheet and can be cat only!
Their toppings have to be edible and no add-ons like wings, spikes or horns are included.
Free KitCakes that don't follow any of the restrictions simply will not be seen as canon or one-offs.

Free TraitsDescription
FoodbodyBody made of Cake or Bread
Any AccessoryAnything like scarfs, hats, collars etc
Any Edible FlavorExample: Vanilla, plain, walnut, hot pepper
Any ColorFood coloring exists!
Any Edible ToppingsLike Whipping cream, sprinkles, chocolate drizzle, formed marzipan

Chef KitCakes and related breeds

Only Master Chefs and Gardeners can create these!These are not open or free to create!
You will either need a Chef MYO or official Adopts to get one.
Only official Guest Artists can create higher tier KitCakes!
This includes SoilKits (for now).
These KitCakes can have additional traits that normal KitCakes don't have, varying in species and food-types.
Only Chef KitCakes will be tracked via a Masterlist!

Higher Tier TraitsDescription
Different SpeciesOther Mammals, Avians, Fish, Insect etc.
Additional BodypartsHorns, Wings, Limbs, Tail, Eyes etc
Unnatural TraitsBiolumnicense
Different FoodbodyPudding, Jello, Cheese, whole Fruit
etcAlmost no restrictions